Tom Watson's Lessons of a Lifetime DVD

Tom Watson’s Lessons of a Lifetime


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This instructional DVD covers lessons learned from childhood through competition, taught by Tom Watson himself.

You will learn:

  • Tom Watson’s “Secret” to a better golf game
  • Cure or Control your Hook and Slice
  • How to hit a Punch Shot, Flop Shot or Wind Shot
  • The Proper Stance, Grip, Takeaway and Finish
  • How to play uphill, downhill and long bunker shots
  • How to Improve your putting
  • Witness Tom recreate the infamous “Pebble Beach Chip” (You won’t believe what happens!)

Tom Watson’s career highlights include:

  • 6-time PGA Player of the Year
  • 3-time Vardon Trophy Winner
  • 1987 Bob Jones Award Winner
  • 1988 World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Ranked 10th Greatest Golfer of All Time by Golf Digest Magazine

Offer includes:

  • 2 Fully-Loaded DVDs running 2 hrs. & 45 min.
  • 44 Chapters
  • 2 Bonus Features
  • 16-Page Companion Booklet